Traditional Butchery at Manydown

The clear focus on our traditional butchery counters is on quality. We look to source our meat from local farms, whose standards of welfare and attention to detail match our own exacting standards. We take an active interest in the farming techniques being used, as well as ensuring welfare standards are kept high for all stages of the animals life – from grazing on the lush pastures of grass to the Dry Aged conditioning methods we employ to care for the meat once slaughtered.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the exceptional produce we have available and if you have any specific requests, then please feel free to speak to one of the team.


We source our beef in partnership with the renowned and family owned PC Turner’s. The majority of our beef comes from Hampshire and Berkshire farms and we have a close working relationship with both the farmer and PC Turner’s to ensure we achieve consistency of eating quality through and through.

We firmly believe that one of the key aspects to enhancing flavour and quality in beef is the ability to properly condition and age the meat. Our dry aging rooms are specifically designed to ensure the best conditions in which to mature the beef and we look to age our hind quarters (where you’ll find the prime cuts of beef) for a minimum of 28days.


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Our lamb is sourced in partnership with the renowned and family owned PC Turner’s and comes from Hampshire and Berkshire farms. Lambs are grazed on the downland pasture, where natural flavours are allowed to develop and the sheep roam freely.

Our lamb is hung for up to 14 days to develop and enhance full flavour. In season, we also sell mutton, a 2yr old lamb. This cut provides wonderful, rich and slightly “gamier” flavour than new season lamb, but works brilliantly in stews and other slow-cooked dishes.

Lamb has the reputation of being an expensive meat, which has sadly led to a wealth of New Zealand lamb on the British supermarket shelves. Whilst the new season legs will always command a premium, lamb can be a very economic meat.


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We source all our pork from Plantation Pigs, based in Sussex. Plantation ensure they operate a truly free-range system, where their pigs roam freely outside, behaving as pigs should!

Plantation breeds the classic Hampshire/Duroc crosses – known for their exceptional eating quality. A traditional slow growing breed producing succulent and tender tasting pork!



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Most of our Poultry is supplied by the family run business 'Packington Free Range' who have a simple philosophy; what's good for the animals and the land will naturally be good for us and better for our customers. Their respect is not only reserved for their livestock, with their land being involved in environmental schemes in partnership with Natural England.


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Where would we be without these two classic products! A bad sausage or bacon butty is easy to forget; but quality is memorable! With some recipes and curing methods handed down by generations and others more modern, we hope you’ll find something to your liking in our range. We host a series of sausage making classes and other butchery classes through the year, so keep an eye out for details on the events section of our website.

Range of Sausages:

Pork & Leek
Honey & Mustard
Our Specialist: The Basingstoke


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